Thursday, September 08, 2011

10 Years Later...

I am not a New Yorker.  I wasn't standing in the streets witnessing the fiery scene first hand.  I didn't escape the plumes of ashen cloud that rushed through the streets as the towers fell.  I was not a part of the clean up process.  But this wasn't just an attack of New was an attack on America.  And I AM an American!

Lest we soon forget the towers were not the only successful target of those attacks though they may be the most memorable and publicized.  If you haven't shared your personal stories from that day, please visit my previous post located HERE and do just that.  Those of us that lived through this tragedy will forever have painfully etched images and emotions tied to the date.  And in one of the strangest, almost cruel twists of irony, the date is also representative of Emergency in American society as we use them to dial the Police for help.  All of us know the three digits 911 whether we are three or fifty three.  Now we just have one more reason to remember.

As I was reading an article by Senator Matins who represents New York's Seventh Senatorial District, I was awakened to a reality I had not yet considered.  Though just ten years ago, we already have a generation growing up without knowledge of that day.  And thus far we haven't done much in the way of adding it to the History books or school curriculum.  Here is a quote from the article:

Yet for better or worse the passing of 10 years has softened the blow. Negatively, I’ve had the staggering experience of speaking to some young people who knew little of the day’s actual events. They were of course familiar that “9/11” was a tragedy involving terrorists but couldn’t tell me much more.

After Osama Bin Laden’s recent death, friends shared that while their children were aware he had been a hunted enemy, they were unsure as to why. Of course, we don’t blame the kids at all. Many of these children were toddlers at the time and some had not even been born. I do blame us though.

While researching the issue I discovered that 9/11 is not part of any set, core curriculum, not even for high school students. We teach them about genocide, the holocaust and the Irish potato famine, but not 9/11. While tens of thousands of service men and women still serve overseas, when we’ve buried thousands of them and even more have come home injured, we don’t bother to teach our children why. (Full Article HERE.)

I echo his concerns over how little our children know or understand about this day.  I obviously don't want to scare my five year-old's and do understand that there is an age appropriate dispensation of the facts.  But lets teach the new generations something!

Your thoughts?