Monday, September 26, 2011

The Cry Room

Growing up in Church babies just cried and that was that.  Occasionally if parental attempts to immediately soothe failed to work, the embarrassed mom or dad might make a mad dash outside the service hall with baby in tow.  These days if your church is like mine, such a fuss need not be made.  They have a Cry Room now.  A glassed in box like the kind you pay extra for a sports games.  Fully equipped with sound, families with newborns can now let their children scream or shout with joyful squeals and not take that walk of shame.

This week we sat in the Cry Room because Joshua is still recovering from a cold and we didn't want to expose the nursery children to his germs.  I had intended that morning to really get into the services, to really listen to what God might be saying through my Pastors, to dedicate my financial offerings and my spirit to the act of worshipping.  My prayer that morning was for me to be selfless and not be seeking out what I could take away from the experience but what I could give to God...what I could leave behind.  It was a good idea but not so easy in the Cry Room.

This time we had the room all to ourselves.  And this time Joshua was in rare form with his Joyous squeals and high energy levels.  Rachael and I, though wanting to pay close attention, just could not.  We switched off the duty of holding and entertaining him, only catching a sound bite here and there.  It came to a point where I just gave up and decided to enjoy my little guy and my wife!  So for the  better part of an hour, there we sat...clapping and bouncing and playing...all while the pastor spoke.  I am sure he gave a marvelous, Holy-Spirit inspired word!  He usually does!  But I was busy worshipping God in a different way.

It's really no different than visiting my Mom & Dad's house intent on catching up with a good visit but being side-tracked a bit due to the necessary attention that a baby demands.  If Grandparents are understanding and even cherish times like that, although a bit off the better believe God loves it too!  I think He was right there in the room with us the whole time.