Thursday, September 01, 2011

Dream Parent Or Worst Nightmare?

In the spirit of Living Out Loud and making the title of this blog a deeper reality, I am going to share an emailed letter I just wrote to my son's teacher.  I would like to ask ALL of you to give me your two cents on what is right now a fairly minor behavioral problem with Michael.  I think he is just acting silly and hyper but is making poor decisions in the moment.  Furthermore, I would love parent and especially TEACHER feedback on my note. 

She (the teacher) has NOT made us aware of either of these incidents as Michael has come home and confessed them to us.  So I wonder if making the first contact was TOO MUCH?  Anyway...let me know if this is appropriate and a teachers dream come true or if I am stepping into the territory of being "one of those dads".

And just an FYI...yes I do find a bit of humor in this!  But I have to put on my game-face.

Mrs. Davidson,

This is the second day in a row that my son has come home to confess to getting in trouble with you. And while I trust his account for the most part, I would love to also give you the opportunity to inform us of these two situations just in case he is exaggerating or leaving anything out. Yesterday he claimed that he and Christian were crawling on the bathroom floor under the stalls thinking it a funny thing to do. He apparently got caught in the act and was rightfully corrected. We followed up your correction by explaining to him that a public bathroom is a place where we respect the privacy of others and also not a very sanitary place to be crawling anyway. We were not especially upset with him because we do not believe he was intentionally breaking a rule or rebelling against you. Today he tells us that in horsing around with Christian (again) that he clasped his teeth on Christian’s shirt and was pulling on it with his mouth. In addition to your reprimand of him we explained that he needs to stop horsing around with his friend all together and cannot ever use his mouth or teeth as schools do NOT tolerate anything that even looks like biting.

I do not know Christian or who is influencing who but I have also warned Michael that he may need to take a break from his friend if he cannot behave himself when they are together.

Suffice it to say we are aware of these issues and want to help you as the parents to reinforce anything that you are dealing with regarding Michael. I can tell you that he is a stickler for rules and normally behaves much better than this. Please feel free to contact us or to email if there is more to the story or if we can do anything else to help.



Jane said...

I don't see anything wrong with the note. I hope she contacts you to thank you for your involvement, answers your questions re: Michael's part in this (leader or follower) and gives you a chance to ask her questions.

Susie Bibb said...

I'm guessing that wasn't meant to be funny...but it made me laugh anyhow. :) Don't're good. I would like to know what her response was.

Jim said...

Actually in the post above I do admit to finding it pretty funny but having to keep my game face on for Michael. The teacher responded very positively and we've learned that she is very open to communication with parents. She went on to praise Michael for his honesty with us and assured us that she did not think it was serious enough to bring to our attention.