Monday, September 19, 2011

The Frustration Blessing

Last week I excitedly tuned into a new TV show called Up All Night.  The previews made me laugh so the idea was maybe the full length sitcom would as well.  Turns out the previews took the best bits and what might have been a full belly laugh was more of a guffaw.  It also went a bit too far with its political correctness...stay-at-home dad and can't-give-up-the-party-life-wish-we'd-never-had-a-baby plot lines too.  But what I could relate to and what IS quite funny is the frustrations that our babies/children bring to our lives. 

They aren't funny at the time mind you.  But when you get to talking with other parents or watching a show on TV where the couple is literally begging one another to be the one that goes and settles down the crying baby...the shared experience is hilarious.  Its somehow comforting to know your least proud moments of huffing and puffing in anger as you sleepily stagger down the hall to find out what in the WORLD could be wrong with you child is not only quite normal BUT widely shared by parent-dome at large.

As my brother and I talked a little about this very topic this morning though I was reminded that beneath these frustrating moments of sleep deprived selfishness where you question your own sanity is a tiny human being that just needs our love.  If you are frustrated by the lack of sleep...imagine how little they are getting and on top of it all...they are often in more pain due to the hunger or sickness or (insert problem) that woke them up in the first place.

Its in those moments when I am only focusing on ME, ME, ME that I lose sight of the blessing and can only see the frustration.  Its when I kick myself in the proverbial pants and remember how blessed I am to have them and how much they NEED me to put my selfishness away...that being a daddy is a truly awesome experience.

I hope this encourages you as a parent.  Before long we won't be up at night taking care of sniffles.  We will be up waiting on them to come home from that date.  Yikes!