Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tell Your Story 1.0

Yes, this does actually require a response.  You cannot be a silent blog stalker with a headline like that.  And yes, the "1.0" is meant to imply this is the first edition in what will hopefully be a series of posts like it.  I had already planned on using this week to pay tribute to the tragedy of September 11th.  So for this first post, I would like to make you do all the work by asking a question.  Please attach your reply as a COMMENT on this post or if you cannot figure out how to do that and are my Facebook friend, then comment under the link to this article in the news feed or on my profile.  I will then cut and paste your information back over here, leaving out your last name.

So here is the question for this go-round:  Where were you and how did you find out about the attacks on September 11th, 2001?


Kris G. said...

I woke up early that morning because my 21 day old baby was hungry. I turned on the tv to watch while I fed my baby right as they announced that the pentagon had been hit. I was stuck on my couch for hours. Even watched the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower. It was horrific. Even seeing people jump to their deaths unstead of burning alive. The shock lasted for about 6 months when we finally realised that we had missed the one year annaversary of my grandmas death. She died 9/11/2000 in a house fire.

Jim said...

I was in Las Colinas at a breakfast meeting with fellow Staffing Managers. Someone came in saying a Jeep in the parking lot left their lights on. Knowing it must be me, I went outside to turn them off and was told by a random person parking his car that a plane had just hit the twin towers. I imagined a prop plane of some kind and shrugged it of as a minor tragedy. I told the guys I was eating with about it and they had about the same reaction. When all of us returned to the corporate office and saw the entire staff glued to every available television set, we joined them in shock and horrific amazement. I remeber rumors of the World Trade Center in Dallas possibly being a target as well and calling Rachael (who was my fiance at the time) asking her to go home instead of staying in her high rise, corporate building. It seems silly now but a good idea at the time. Thanks for participating Kris!

Toni N. said...

I was on my way to take my first baby Douglas who was 21 months old at the time to Nursery School. While I was getting ready he wanted cartoons on, I flipped the TV on and the channel was on the news station we'd watched the night before...never made it to the cartoons as I stood there I watched horrified the second plane flew into the second tower thinking it was just a replay of the first before I realized it was really happening again. I too could not move from the TV. I called the nursery school and told them we weren't going anywhere, but I can't remember if we ended up going to the church later and praying in the sanctuary. My husband was out in Arizona onsite at the time with one of their clients. I called and called him, but could not get through the lines were so busy. When I did finally get through to him, he was in panic cause his bosses were due to have been in the towers that day for a meeting. Their wives both called him trying to find out if he'd heard from them, and if he knew where they were. Turned out that without notifying anyone else, but their clients they were meeting had moved the meeting to the golf course. Finally were able to put those poor ladies at peace knowing their husbands were safe. Sadly a guy that their company had interviewed a few weeks before hand, was in the towers and was killed. I do remember tossing a VHS tape into the recorder right away, why I don't know but I did. I recently unpacked that tape, which we've never watched. But I have it and about 8 hours of news reels from that day. Don't have a VHS though, should really have moved to a DVD to share with the kids someday. It's was weird telling Douglas about it a few days ago, because now he's old enough to understand how horrible that day was for everyone. It took us nearly 2 full days before James was able to get home, and then Continental was flying their planes only to their hubs and grounding them once there. James's buddy from college and one of our best men, drove him from Houston to College Station where my sister was living at the time. Douglas and I drove from Dallas to College Station to wrap our arms around him and bring him home. What a very very scary several days that was for all of our country!

Craig V said...

On September 11 of 2001 I was treading the mucky waters of my old corporate cesspool job in Dallas TX. I was a corporate trainer and tech advisor. Classes were on the first morning break and we fully expected folks to return to class promptly - but it was becoming more and more apparent with each passing minute that they were not. A crowd was gathering downstairs in the lobby of our building. A couple of students returned and said everyone was downstairs watching news coverage of some "plane" that crashed into one of the WTC buildings. A fellow trainer and myself ventured downstairs to investigate what had happen to our classes and found our IT guys had just wheeled out 2 giant monitors for folks to watch the news coverage - seems this was shaping up to be more than what was first thought. We soon learned the plane was a commercial airliner and rumors of terrorism were already afloat - then we watch the second jet hit a second tower - then the unfathomable collapse of three WTC buildings that were built specifically to withstand much more of a pounding than they took that day. Classes were canceled for the day and our usual bustling work load creeped to a dead crawl.

My life took a major turn that day and on the days and weeks to follow - my eyes were opened to a whole new level of understanding of human betrayal, arrogance, hubris and control - The evil in man had truly sunk to new lows - in more ways than I'll go into at this time.

I've since found my self walking a different path, not out of fear of men, but towards a new found peace and understanding in Jesus Christ, and I'm in spiritual morning for the millions that are walking the other way.

Think, reason, repent!