Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The "Unknown Friend" Request

Ever get that Friend Request on Facebook from someone that you don't know?  If you are like me a process must take place before dismissing or accepting the invite. 

  • I must first determine whether I don't know them because my Swiss-cheese-brain is failing to recall our former interactions or IF its truly because I don't know them.
  • Most times step one still leaves me wondering and unsure so I move to step two where I see how many "Friends in Common" we share.  The more a person has in common the more I begin to believe I SHOULD know this person and that my brain is just not making the connection.  When there are just a few or in some cases zero friends in common the more I begin to believe that I just don't know them.
  • If this process fails, I move on to other items that may give me a clue.  Most times you cannot see the full profile of a person until you accept them but often times there is some information on their page.  Perhaps its their high school or church...or sometimes its their college or work place.
  • Eventually your investigations must lead to a decision.  Do I friend a friend I don't really know but seems to know everyone in the world that I have ever hung out with since the age of six?  Do I friend and friend that has seemingly no connection to me whatsoever but may need a kind soul such as myself to accept them anyway?
This begs two questions that I would like you to answer:

1.  What are your steps/requirements when going through a similar friend acceptance decision?
2.  Have you ever invited someone that wasn't really acquainted with you to be your friend?  If so, give the details as to why.


Pastor Mike said...

I have my facebook account linked to my youtube account. Many people watch my youtube videos (most of whom I do not know), and they add me on facebook because they liked one of my videos. I usually accept their friend request, then place them in a group I call "youtube"; then every time I post a new video on Youtube I am able to post a reminder on their facebook wall to stop by and watch the video and share it on Facebook.