Thursday, October 06, 2011

Baby Lisa

My thoughts and feelings are quite scattered this morning.  Bloggers aren't supposed to be speechless especially on weeks like this one where an innocent American is set free and a Technology Guru has lost his life to cancer.  There are no less than ten topics, ideas, videos, and entertaining tidbits that are on my list of things to cover, to ask you about, or to challenge you with.

But I CANNOT seem to get past Baby Lisa.  And honestly even the death of Steve Jobs fades into the background for me as I sit in silent grief imagining the horror that this family is going through.  I know we live in a fallen world.  I know evil is a very real fact that goes with it.  But you never want to deal with it.  You never want it to smack you in the face and force your acknowledgement.  Even as a Bible-believing Christian with narratives from Genesis to Revelations detailing the story of Good VS Evil...I still would rather (like most people) put my head in the sand.

And of ALL the evil, I can think of none worse than when tragedy strikes our young ones.  They are the innocent, helpless, naive, unconditionally loving & trusting amongst us.  They haven't yet experienced the hard knocks of life or the cruel realities it can bear...nor should they at such a tender age.  So my outrage, my horror, my grief, and my thoughts and prayers are solely focused on this newest of sad stories to hit our headlines.  Please join me in praying for Baby Lisa and for those that love her!