Monday, October 24, 2011

A Bit Over Zealous

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The image above made me laugh.  As you can see it is a screen capture of a short conversation that took place on Facebook.  Last names removed, it serves now as a testimony to a caring individual who was a bit over zealous in his preaching.

Instead of taking the time to ask his friend what the specifics of her problem was...he made an assumption and prescribed prayer as the remedy.  And though prayer is always something that can help...even with broken appliances...we normally don't do a hands on healing.  Perhaps asking for help and guidance for a good priced replacement is more prudent.

The lesson here is a strong one...especially for me: A guy that is very vocal about his Faith and the need for others to come to Christ.  A relationship and an understanding of where people are is a very necessary component to your ability and effectiveness in sharing Jesus.  No one is going to listen to you if you are a noisy gong with no skin in the game. 

In this case it appears to be a Christian correcting a fellow Christian.  But how many times do we shotgun spray the unbelieving with the same kind of non-personal rhetoric?  Something to think & pray about, perhaps.