Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Civil Unrest

I really don't plan on covering "Occupy Wall Street" exclusively and I know this is the second post in two days that touches on the subject. But I do believe this angle is worth discussing and is a much broader topic than the protest itself.

First let me confess as to why this is of particular interest and worry for me.  As a very vocal Christian both in my personal life and my Internet dealings, I have seen and continue to see more and more harsh reactions to my professions of faith.  Christian history is littered with examples of martyrdom, torture, and persecution coming from the very government systems these individuals live under.

Biblical prophesy clearly points to a coming time when this will be par for the course yet again.  So as I watch videos of police in riot gear, arresting, and roughing up United States citizens for what appears to be the exercising of their Civil REALLY concerns me.  When the very people that are supposed to protect us become our enemies...HOUSTON...we have a problem.

Please watch this Marine who has served several tours in the Middle East confront such police and leave me your thoughts!  Warning...contains some foul language.


Craig V said...

Do you think the Lord will care that we protested the rich when He told us to give all we have to the poor and follow him? Do you think the Lord will care that we killed others to serve a corrupt institution of the flesh when He commanded us to love our enemies? Do you think the Lord will care that we sold salvation for a buck when He commanded that we spread the gospel freely? Do you think the Lord will care that we're patriotic Americans when He commanded us to put Him first?

Until we trust in God fully, and put Him first, all these things of the flesh are just gooey sticky strings pulling us on a path to hell.

And remember, Rome fell and Christianity thrived!