Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Political Correctness Fail

Even the most devout secularist who embraces all and wants to be embraced by all will usually admit that there are elements to what we call Political Correctness, that just fail.  Social conventions and societal expectations always sound nice and flowery.  Ideal and pristine.  But its been my experience that within those constructs you will easily detect flaws at a minimum and in some cases direct conflict with truth.

One of the many reasons Jesus was Crucified was because he failed to fit within the Politically Correct expectations of the time.  He was not the Messiah they were expecting or longing for.  He didn't strictly enforce hand washing, Sabbath rest, or fasting.  He turned over the merchant tables and kicked the retailers out of the Temple. He didn't come like a ruling King to conquer the land militarily.  He didn't recognize man's authority structures and He commanded those in power to become servants if they truly wanted to be First in His Kingdom.  Jesus is about as NON Politically Correct as they come.

So when it comes to my personal choice over whether to behave as expected by modern society or as expected by my Lord and Savior, the choice is often unpopular but a rather easy one to make all the same.  The picture above is a perfect illustration of just how flawed the PC mind is anyway.  It sure looks neat on a bumper sticker but it fails to recognize the very distinct differences in each group that make such a PC proposition impossible.  If these groups abandoned the ideals that give them their specific identities, then sure...each could get along fine.  But then they can no longer be called by their former religious label, can they?

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