Monday, October 03, 2011

Sequence of Events

I don't believe in good or bad luck and even if I did, I would tell you I am a lucky guy.  But luck is just a superstitious idea and interpretation of the events of life.  We live in a fallen world, which for me explains the reason why stuff that ought to turn out good, sometimes doesn't.  And of course all that is good flows from the Ultimate Good which is our God in Heaven...and I call these blessings.

But on Friday of last week as I went with my family to the Elementary School to enjoy their Fall Festival, I had a sequence of events happen to me back-to-back that I fail to have a classification for.  If I didn't actually know better, it was a string of "bad luck".  The festival was great.  The kids had a blast and I enjoyed seeing them erupt with laughter and smiles as they played with friends, jumped in bounce houses, and got their hair sprayed various wild colors.

It was upon leaving that it started.  My wife handed me Joshua after having held him in her arms for over thirty minutes.  He decided now that he was in Daddy's hands that he would erupt with a massive quantity of spit up. So much so, that Rachael and I had to debate whether or not he just threw up.  We concluded that he did not because he was so happy and good natured afterwards.  But my shirt didn't know the difference.  It was still covered with a smelly gush of disgusting discharge. 

Thankfully we were on our way back to the car anyway.  But as I was putting the stroller away I closed the contraption too fast and smashed my finger something fierce.  It was the kind of shooting pain that makes you want to yell every explicative you ever knew.  Somehow, however, I managed to contain myself and close the trunk.  We had just vacuumed the van so all of us were now taking off our grass covered shoes before getting in.  Upon doing so I look and see that a large chunk of dead grass is sticking to my shoe.  Further investigation reveals the reason.  I had somehow managed to step into a rather large, discarded piece or perhaps pieces of chewed up bubble gum.  My frustration is primarily due to what I know will be a messy clean up process but that was coupled with the annoyance over this being a very new pair of shoes.

Upon getting home and offloading my family I go into the garage to get a flat head screw driver.  I stand over part of the flower bed dislodging the sticky Hubba Bubba goop, scraping each morsel into an area that is never stepped in.  That's when I feel a burning & stinging sensation all too familiar from my childhood.  Yes folks my foot is now covered with angry fire ants that have decided I must be trying to attack their nest.  So in the name of their queen they took a six foot one inch, one hundred ninety five pound, man down the ground in final defeat.

If I had only gotten all this on would be viral by now.

Feel free and please share your similar experiences.


Rachael R. said...

I know I an not supposed to laugh at this, but it is just too funny to read it and relive the events! Sorry sweety! :-)

Pam T. said...

Too Funny -- I'm sorry!

Jim said...

I am completely comfortable with all laughter whether its at my expense or not! Glad you both enjoyed it!

Ladonna D. said...

Oh Jim! What a day! Hope today is gum, pest, & spit up free ;) love your spirit!

Dee M. said...

I hope this week has gone better!

Julie A. said...

Ahh, that is terrible, hope things only look up from here.