Monday, November 21, 2011

Boba Fett / My Little Pony WIN

Before I even get started I must confess for having to Google "Boba Fett" in order to be accurate.  My southern roots had me wanting to spell it as Buba...but I digress.

The photo adorning this post pretty well describes the last five, almost six years of my life as the dad to a set of boy/girl twins.  If I had only had girls, it would be pretty easy for me to stay in Tea Party and Barbie mode.  Had I only had boys, it would be video games and light saber battles all day long.  But I've always had the challenge of switching gears.

Often that is easiest to do when I select an hour of the day to just play with one of the two and then devote the next hour to whomever got left out.  In this scenario the only challenge is to get the noggin ready for completely different kinds of play, reasoning, and definitions of fun.  But life doesn't always work out where we can have our own dedicated time with Daddy.

So the compromise is Boba Fett riding My Lil Pony as he enters The Joker's hideout to save Barbie from a ticking time bomb.  With mission complete, a celebratory Tea Party and High Five session then commences.  So here's to all the Dad's (and Mom's) out there that can relate and go the creative distances necessary to make it all work!  I salute you!