Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bonnie's CVS Is Scary!

Of all the current commercials on TV that annoy me, this definitely ranks in my top ten...possibly my top three.  CVS has a series of these meant to show that each location can cater to the Bonnie's, Joe's, and Sarah's of this world.  So much so, that you can actually call it YOUR store.  I get that.  I also get that with each commercial spot they have an opportunity to appeal to a different demographic.

In this monstrosity of an example I guess they are trying to reach you "Senior Folk" out there.  Perhaps the problem is that I am not yet a Senior and just cannot relate.  But I suspect many that do have their AARP cards handy also take issue here.  First let's watch this train wreck and then I will make a few points afterwards:

  • Let's start with the obvious.  A Granny on a Segway wearing a Helmet.  Are you kidding me? 
  • "I don't have time for the Flu, that's why I am knocking things off my TO-DO list."  Worst and possibly most confusing line of commercial dialog ever.
  • See the picture below and you have my third and fourth gripe combined.  Apparently this Segway is the shoppers delight fully equipped with baskets for all your purchases. 
  • Then we have the annoyed REGULAR shopper whom Granny almost clips with her speedy vehicle.  If you can't even get the other actors in the spot to pretend Bonnie isn't annoying, what are the chances any of us will be able to do it?

  •  In the next screen capture we have delightful Pharmacist, Eric.  When Bonnie first intrudes on him we have his initial reaction (as seen below) of annoyance.  I can just hear his thoughts..."Oh's BONNIE!  Pretend to be happy.  Pretend its ok for her to interrupt me AGAIN!"

His initial look of dread!
  • If I were Eric and Bonnie was sorry for not making an appointment I would tell her, "I am sorry too because I am all booked up for today Bonnie.  Go to Sarah's CVS and see if they will help you out!"
  • Last but not in any way the least.  If any of you Seniors get caught looking like this last photo of Bonnie, I give you fair warning that you are BEGGING those of us that are younger and still put you in a home, POST HASTE.
A cry for HELP!
I hereby demand that CVS tell me where this woman's store is so I can avoid it at all costs!


Craig V said...

I find just going to a CVS store scary.

Jim said...

I avoid most of them unless picking of a script.

Dawn R.F. said...

Ha! If only the Erics if the world COULD respond in that way to the annoying customers of the world. Tell her to make an appointment, or else Joey, the teenage stock person, is going to administer her vaccine, right after he cleans up the display of super-bounce balls that Bonnie knocked over with her Segway!!

StatsGrandma said...

I am 56 and hate hate hate Bonnie. She's a loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate bitch. I don't particularly like CVS, but as long as this monstrosity of a commercial is running, I'm so not putting a foot in one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, it's just funny; deal with it. And yes, the baskets are optional on a Segway. And we were in Cancun and shared a Segway rental with a half-dozen wonderful folks in their mid 80's that were doing just fine on them.

Anonymous said...

LOL...This is great! EVERYTHING I have been thinking about this commercial. She sort of gives off the "I'm queen sh*t, so let me have my way!" vibe. (Hate!)

Anonymous said...

Ohh, have a sense of humor. A breath of fresh air. This is one of my favorite commercials. Besides, there are worst things on tv.