Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Medical Madness

One of these two statements HAS to be true...so help me out with this!!

1.  Either doctors and medical professionals from my childhood era used to really know their stuff and be able to diagnose and mend people MUCH, MUCH better than today's generation...


2. They never really knew what they were doing and today's generation is finally willing to admit it!

Between our fertility issues, Michael's cranium restructuring, Mackenzie's heart valve procedure, Joshua's urology surgery, and a whole host of virus and bacteria laden illness that didn't hospitalize one of my family members...we have been through the wringer.  And we have been to a MULTITUDE of doctors offices, specialists, labs, pharmacies, hospitals, and urgent care facilities.

In EVERY case we are met with a lab-coat wearing, doctorate degree earning, stethoscope toting, highly-paid medical professional who's Modus Operandi is NOT to diagnose the problem and fix it but rather to speculate, theorize, and test you endlessly until every feasible option in their medical text books are eliminated except the one thing you actually do have which is now gone due to the body naturally fighting it off during the long period of time you were waiting for an answer, and yes I know this is a run-on sentence!! 

My dad and aunt have been suffering with some kind of strange stomach condition that has caused both of them to lose enormous amounts of weight, have difficulty in maintaining an appetite, energy, or to even focus on their jobs.  And after an ENTIRE year of testing both of them, I am still not sure either has ever received a definitive answer as to what they had or maybe still have!  They, like us, got treated for their symptoms instead of the root cause of the unknown mystery problem.

My Grandmother just endured a hip replacement surgery and is struggling every day to regain her strength with Physical Therapy and has been warned that ALL of that effort might STILL be for nothing since the pain that drove her to this procedure in the first place could have originated in one of several places...the hip being the MOST LIKELY.

Anyone sensing I could go on forever?  Anyone sensing my frustrations?

Congratulations.  You just did a better job of diagnosing me than most doctors! And humanitarian that you are, you didn't charge me thousands of dollars either!


Craig V said...

Stupid is everywhere my friend. Trust in God and wing off the corporate processed (nutrient absent) foods! High carbs and high fructose corn syrup stuff are garbage too!

We are subject to the "children of the beast" - poor souls raised by the corporate demagogues of our world, sponsored by or Gov. They mean well, for the most part, but unfortunately they place too much faith in the man-centered world - a pretty arrogant, closed minded and controlled part of that world.

I maintain that the less government and corporate influences we allow in our lives the better off we are.

Shame that after years of seeking a competent doc I like, he up and dies when I could use him the most. Same happened with a good attorney I had too. Story of my life - always a challenge from God - I guess He must really love me. Push on brother, I believe God loves you too ;)