Monday, November 07, 2011

A Morning Chuckle...

I take the kids to school each morning.  As such we have routines and fun little songs and such that are a regular part of the commute.  One of the first things I do is ask them for some coffee.  They each make sound effects like stirring and whip cream foam and hand me the pretend cups.  I then pour the mixture into my real cup of already made coffee and take my first sip.

Michael often claims he made the WARM part of the mix and Mackenzie takes credit for the SWEET flavoring.  They seem to enjoy watching their pretend fantasy become real as I take the first sip of my actual coffee and report to them how good it is!  Both of them beam with pride as if they really did provide me with my caffinated treat.

One day last week I decided to throw them a curve ball and asked them if they wanted some.  Mackenzie said yes, so I handed her a pretend cup and without missing a beat she began making sipping noises. 

Upon asking Michael if he would like some too, he replied, "No thanks!"

Baffled by his refusal to drink a pretend cup of coffee, I said, "Are you sure?"

He said, "Yeah, I am sure.  I am just not much of a coffee drinker!"


Craig V said...

That was organic coffee - right? ;)

DYK organic coffee makes for a great colon cleansing? Nothing like coffee in the other end to get you detoxed, energized and hoppin' again!

Jim said...

Unless Folgers has an organic formula...I'd have to say no on that one. Not sure I could try it at the other end either. That sounds a bit more adventurous than I could muster.

Craig V said...

yea, Folgers - no organic product - but I like it - it's cheaper than Allegro Guatemalan Antigua ;)

Doctors (not "corporate docs") discovered major benefit in coffee enemas - detoxes the liver (bile) that has most folks feeling lethargic, clogged and run down - just let the coffee cool down to room temp before use! LOL!

Jim said...

That would be a horrible lesson to learn the hard way. If I ever get the nerve to try it, I will certainly take the room temperature advice!