Monday, November 14, 2011

Mr. Fix-It

Look! I fixed it.
I dare not embrace the label "Handyman".  However home ownership for any length of time beyond three years will force the male mind to eventually have to face FIXING something.  The only thing I hate worse than fixing something is admitting I can't.  Therefore I rarely call in the experts.  And besides...did you know those people want your money?  Pffft.  I can make the problem worse for free.

I digress.  This weekend was just repair 352 and 353 consecutively as I unclogged the plumbing in the kids bathroom and FINALLY figured out why the dishwasher drain pipes kept backing up and spraying my kitchen with molten hot water.  Yes after practically dismantling the guts of both the dishwasher itself and several pipes under the sink...I figured it out.

In the recesses of my brain information about disposals exists since I used to work in the Plumbing department at Sears.  After wracking said brain for hours and multiple attempts to figure out the problem, I remembered that most new disposals come with a plastic piece BLOCKING the entry point for the water to enter the device and therefor exit into the septic system. And guess what we had just recently installed?  Yes...a new disposal!

Sure enough upon removing the hose and feeling with my finger...there it was.  A plastic piece that simply needed a flat head screw driver and hammer to knock out.  As humbling and humiliating as it is to grasp the sacrifice of effort, time, and bloody knuckles from trying to solve a relatively easy problem...I was even more upset at the absurdity that such a piece exists in the first place.

I have to believe there is SOME reason for it to be there.  Like maybe there exists a home where people use the disposals as a blender and don't want the food and liquids shooting out the side and into the septic system.  But for now I remain baffled.  Baffled but thankful that my Sears data was finally and successfully retrieved from the archives of my brain.  I better quit now before I start ranting on about owners manuals or those that write them!


Craig V said...

Are you referring to the drain flange on a disposal for an 'optional' dishwasher? Dishwashers, when present, always drain through the disposal to prevent main line clogs. That should be the only line flange that comes with a "stop plug" - in case the home has no dishwasher.

You're talkin' my gig - home construction, maintenence and repair - any home fixer questions let me know bro!

Jim said...

Good to know. I will have to email or call you the next go-round. Yes, I believe the "optional" flange is what that may have been. I wonder what percentage of homes don't have the dishwasher verses the percentage of homes, like mine, that forget to punch that little booger out is?

Gayle Manning said...

It’s a good thing that you didn’t give up halfway through in spite of your misgivings about your skills as a handyman. Now that you were successful in your plumbing ordeal and you were able to dig up some useful information, you can put those into good use again the next time something happens. =)

Gayle Manning