Thursday, November 03, 2011

Politics As Usual?

An argument might could be made that our system, with all its checks and balances, ensures that no one person or branch of government could effect extreme changes.  That, in fact, small moves have to happen over the course of several administrations before major movements can be detected. I'll buy that to some degree.

But the reason I found this photo rather funny and/or interesting is because of the underlying message it conveys...and I think its a common one.  That no matter who you elect, the government is still going to have the same problems, probably not do much to correct them, and if anything...possibly make things worse.

Let's face it...Obama's BEST marketing appeal was that he wasn't George Bush.  We (the proverbial people) didn't want "W" anymore so lets pick the guy that couldn't be more his opposite, right?  And how has that worked out for us? 

I have contended for several years now that our two party system is not only broken but a huge joke.  The campaign donations from corporate conglomerates and special interests get Republicans and Democrats alike elected.  They expect, and most often do get, what they want out of either side in return for their investments.

But what do you think?  Am I just being too skeptical?  Do you still believe our system works?


Craig V said...

Just came across Laurie Roth for President this week - Hum, Unlike those two party clowns she speaks of a commitment to God, family THEN country - I could just vote for her to spite the two headed beast - as I voted for Pastor Chuck Baldwin last round - my couscous is clear.

I have to wonder if ever this "Christian nation's" sheeple will wake up and smell the garbage - to stand up for God and not vote the same old two headed beast's system then moan and groan about it - Personally, it makes me nauseous - especially Ron Paul fanatics - He's like a cross between Marvin the Martian, Ross Perot and Barney Fife; A man who got his showdown with the Fed and was gunned down in the public square like a bag of wet feed. Ron Paul folks forget about that - the man has shaky legs - is that a man with presidential mus'ter? No - that's why he's basically allowing himself to be run out of Washington with his tail between his legs. Ron Paul folks are too over come with Dr. Ron's "change" talk to see the truth. Sound familiar? They are no better than the OWS clowns who also put themselves first. And what about this Tea Party thing? Are they in or out?

"The more things change, the more they stay the same"

I find the picture a bit inaccurate - "same old, same old" for sure, but Bush isn't Obama, Obama isn't even Obama - he's a puppet for the progressive demagogues. What would be a more fitting picture is Satan behind the mask of most any president, 'cept maybe the ones who got assassinated or were shot at - they all spoke out against the Fed - makes me go hum ;)

The system is not "broken" and the Big Corps don't influence Washington as much as the unions do. The system is working exactly as intended - it is the people [sheeple] that are broken - the result of trickle up stupidity and Kool-Aid Christianity - And how are them thar sheeple broken? I'll give you one guess.

Amazing how Christians will fight for having the ten commandments prominent in government, but then fail at keeping the very first 2 of them! A lot of folks fail at #10 too - "ask not what your country can do for you..." - And they wonder why America is in such stressed out shape? Getting Christian churches to claim tax exempt status is one of Satan's greatest tricks. Imagine if all Christians churches could lobby and donate to the candidate of their choice freely ~ wOw ~ If a church truly put God first, don't they trust He would provide for them? Of course I'd see God doing a lot of church disciplining too - we'd sure find out which are worthy of leading people in Christ ;)

Whatever happens I'm still tap dancing with the Lord Jesus on the path to a deeper peace and understanding - God first.