Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Social Boundaries

Lindsey Miller
At the bottom of this post is a trending video from Youtube where a beautiful 26 year old girl suffering from cancer asks the star of recently released movie, 50/50 out on a date.  Perhaps this young lady is bold naturally.  Perhaps she, like me, doesn't really see celebrity as all that impressive a trait.  But my guess is that her illness has given her this perspective and emboldened her to make such a move.  She has come to realize that life is fleeting and short and can only be lived once.  Why not ask out a movie star?

There are some social boundaries that exist for good reason and should not be broken.  But this invisible line between common man and celebrity is rather ridiculous.  Here are just a few reasons why:

  • They are just people. 
  • Fame is fleeting. The saying goes, we all get our fifteen minutes.  Granted most have the spotlight stay on them longer than a literal fifteen but public admiration changes with the wind.
  • You are just as important as a celebrity.  The amount of people that know who you are does not change this.  The only valuable distinction or possible advantage is having a larger circle of influence.
  • You never know what impact you will have in the History books.  David was just a sheep herding, snot-nosed, last born child of seven bringing food to his brothers while they were serving the Israelite army before he decided to take on Goliath!
  • Celebrity admiration can lead to celebrity worship if left unchecked.  This can easily become a distraction that God warns us about in Scripture as a form of idolatry.
So I say, why not make a video and ask out your favorite actor?  Odds are that there exists someone better for you that is likely not well known...BUT you never know.  Please join me in praying for Lindsey now that she is on our radar.  Over an above getting a date with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, my prayer is for her relationship with God, her healing, and to be introduced to the man God has hand picked for her.