Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Something's Wrong...


Movies and television programs often astound me with their ability to get things so right at times and then so wrong the rest of the time.  I am willing to bet if you have air in your lungs and a pulse that the clip you just watched resonates with you.  Either because you were once propelled by the unexplainable urge to seek truth as I was until you found it or because you still are.

We are seekers from birth.  It's as if our Creator installed programming that allows us to somehow KNOW that this world is NOT as it should be.  That there is something behind the veil and that its up to us to figure out the puzzle.  The Matrix offers another kind of Messiah with that of Neo.  A mere mortal with super human capabilities to free us from this FAKE and FALLEN world and into the salvation of Zion.  Remind you of anyone?

If you have found the real Messiah in that of Jesus Christ, then I gladly embrace you as my eternal family member.  We may as well start getting to know one another more deeply now and encourage one another.  But if you are still seeking and have tried everything from false religions to chemical substances to fill this God-shaped vacuum as I once did...I invite you to "disconnect" from man's way of doing things and humbly embrace God through His one and only Son.  That is an easy sentence to type but possibly more difficult in practice...so I leave you with an offer.

If you want to know how to get the journey started, leave me a comment or send me an email.  I would love to begin a dialog.



Craig V said...

I was just commenting on YouTube - "messing with the kids heads" with some pendent and cryptic psychology and I had to enter the same letter code as I do here to comment - weeeeird.

Anyway - Love The Matrix trilogy - so much truth packed in great Sci-fi - except Trinity never sat very well with me.

How would you answer this question my Christian brother Jim: What is the meaning of life?