Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time Lapse (In Judgment)?

Not too long ago, I wrote about the upcoming legislation that may allow our Government to censor the Internet as we know it.  The bill is ever closer to being passed as many other censoring issues are coming to light.  For instance...Occupy Wall Street was going on for WEEKS before any mainstream media source thought it pertinent (or more likely unavoidable) to cover.  Just a few days ago Governor Sam Brownback was caught trying to stifle the free speech of an 18 year old high school girl who was very critical of him on Twitter.  But more on that story tomorrow.

Today I want to bring another example to your attention and get your feedback regarding Time Magazine.  It's apparently no secret that this publication releases issues throughout the world.  And as such they often change the covers to reflect what might interest a particular country or region.  For instance they ran stories about the movie TinTin in Europe that they didn't run in the US because the interest level for Americans was quite low.

However, the photo above shows the covers of  Time's next release and it tells a more concerning story.  In fact if you click THIS LINK and scroll through several covers in the past, you will see more often than not...that American covers are almost never what the rest of the world gets to read about.  While the rest of the world reads about Revolution, a very timely and relevant topic even here, we get to learn about how Anxiety is actually GOOD for us.  You know?  The anxiety you have over the economic and political status of our country and the uncertainty of your employment?  Yeah, that anxiety.  Turns out its good for you and in some ways these conditions are doing you a favor.  Be sure to say "thank you and may I have some more?"

Is this another form of Censorship?  Are they afraid to release the Revolution Redux issue to Americans?  If so, why?

What are your thoughts?