Thursday, December 01, 2011

Emma & Goliath

Due to my participation on Blogger and Youtube where I freely speak my voice and invite responses, my attitude about "allowing" negative or vulgar commentary has always been liberal.  I cannot think of one time that I deleted someones response, blocked them for their response, or asked them for an apology.  Most times, I see it as an opportunity to dialog.  Granted it can be hard to get friendly conversation going with a guy that just called you a brain-washed idiot but I digress.

Another reason I let vulgar or negative commentary stand in its full glory is that each example is proudly stamped with its authors screen name.  It is to THEIR shame or to THEIR glory if it attracts good or bad attention.  IF they come to be embarrassed later about it, most sites allow you to delete your own comments...and in many cases people have done just that.

So the story of Emma Sullivan and Governor Sam Brownback was of particular interest to me when it hit my radar.  Here we have a high school girl that posted negative comments with a Twitter hashtag that very easily could be taken as vulgar.  These comments were aimed to voice her personal displeasure with his candidacy.  It could have ended there and been a NON-story but apparently Brownback felt the need to call Emma's school principal and demand an apology.

This only ignited a firestorm of Twitter support for Emma and her right to free speech.  Now, no-one seems to care about the appropriate or inappropriate way in which she may have expressed herself and all eyes are on the political Giant of a bully that cannot take criticism from school girls.  Suffice it to say, the only one of the two that has actually issued any kind of apologetic response has been Brownback.  I have some swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you if you believe his remorse has anything to do with sincere regret instead of political strategy.

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