Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get A Pair of Stones

I am a big fan of Mark Driscoll.  I watch his YouTube videos, I read his books.  His theology is pretty sound and I take very little issue save for some of what Paul calls "disputable matters."  But never in a million years would I have expected what I am about to share with you.  Here is a pastor that is serious about Men's Ministry, serious about your individual walk with Christ, and serious about teaching young men how to actually BE men.

If you are a Christian man...I think you will find this challenging and refreshing...perhaps convicting.  If you are not a Christian or not in a church congregation, let this help you rethink what the Christian faith can be like...

When is the last time a pastor challenged you like this?  Perhaps they should!


Mike Messerli said...

never heard that, great though. wish more men were willing to stand up and say what needs to be said.