Monday, December 05, 2011

Good To Be Penniless

I must admit and its probably been rather evident with recent posts that I am on a "LESS is MORE" kick. Small homes, sustainable living, alternative energy,  and lower expenses are all topics of interest.  But am I suggesting here that it might be good to have no money?

No. But I am suggesting that we take pennies out of circulation all together.  Here is a rule of thumb that I gladly embrace and wish our government would as well:

Once the cost of producing a particular monetary denomination is MORE than each denomination being made, then take it out of circulation. 

According to the video below for each penny we mint, it costs almost TWO pennies to produce.  How long would it take you to stop manufacturing a product that only sells for half as much as it costs you to make? There I go expecting our leaders to have common sense, again! Silly me!!


Pony and Petey said...

I know!!! What a WASTE!!!

Could you please do a blog, or maybe your readers can chime in, on the other side of the argument? Why do they keep making pennies? Does it make life easier? Would taxes go up cause the cost of things would have to be rounded up? Is someone benefitting?

My kick is to be a good steward of WHATEVER God gives, breath, time, energy, intelligence, talents, money, possessions. This is SOOOOO not being a good steward...down with pennies!