Thursday, December 22, 2011

Laughing At Yourself

Atheists that take the time to get to know me a bit online, quickly find out about my sense of humor.  And its not just that I can laugh and poke fun of their world view...actually that makes several of them rather mad.  Its when I wholeheartedly embrace making fun of myself and my own world view.  I don't take myself so seriously as to not be relatable.  I think we do ourselves and our ministerial effectiveness a disservice when we're no longer "in touch" with cultural sensibilities.

That is not to say that we let ourselves become immersed in culture, memes, and inappropriate or sacrilegious displays (certain SNL skits of late come to mind).  No, we still need to use our discernment when sharing various facets of our identity in Christ.  Unfortunately though many take this to the extreme and become the caricature that the atheists expect.  Which in turn is exactly why Christan's such as myself come off as a surprise to them.

Take the picture accompanying this post.  My assumption is that someone decided to shorten the word Methodist in a most tragic way.  Who knows? Meth Amphetamines might not have been a common drug when this sign was first put up.  But that doesn't take away the humor.  I can appreciate the irony and have a good laugh.  And if a Meth Bible Camp does exist, I can assure you that it IS indeed a Dead End.  So the sign works either way...

Your thoughts?


Toni Norris said...

I am Methodist and I indeed find great humor in your vantage point! So true, So true...either way, I most certainly had a great laugh and you lightened my day! Thank you! Jimmy you are truly a blessed writer and I am so glad to have the honor of reading your posts! Thank you! Happy Holidays and God Bless!

Steve Finnell said...

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Jim said...


Thanks for the complimentary and encouraging words. It means a lot!


Thanks for the invite.