Thursday, December 08, 2011

When the Supernatural becomes possible...

A common objection from the Atheist about our Scriptures is in the documentation of the supernatural...otherwise known as "Miracles".  If you ask them why their answer is simple. Supernatural events are impossible. If that is true then there might be a basis for discounting them and possibly any other claims that a document containing miracles might make.

But I wonder if what we view as possible or impossible is only based in our personal perceptions?  I believe that is exactly the case and I stand on the record of human history and technological advances as my proof.  Things that we used to believe impossible are now not only possible but part of everyday life.

Talking to one another across massive distances on devices that send invisible signals through the air that are received and interpreted within seconds would be in the realm of the miraculous just fifty years ago.  Airplane travel, microwaveable foods, medical advances, space exploration, artificial intelligence, and computer technology are just a FEW areas that would astound the minds of ancestors just a century ago.  If time travel were possible, they might believe us to be a supernatural race of humans.

But there is nothing special about us apart from being born at the right time to experience all these things.  So when the Bible documents Miracles and the Atheist says "impossible" I question their sincerity and presuppositions.  If we, the fallen and finite creatures can in just a few millenia begin to recreate some of the very kinds of events recorded in hard is it really to believe God Himself is capable of those events and so much more?