Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Your Island

Does the photo here speak truth about your life or an aspect of it?  Have you found yourself adrift in torrential waters only to be left on an island of despair, powerless to improve your situation? 

These days words like Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar, Addiction, Hoarding, Debt, Consumerism, Road Rage, School Shootings, Terrorism, Economic Crisis, Pandemic, and Sex Offender dominate our headlines.  Is it any wonder in such a fallen world as this, that we might find ourselves beaten down and bruised by life?

Yet the final frames of this photo is where the actual truth lies, especially for the Christian.  God through Christ, made a way to save us from this muck and mire.  He gives us wings like an Eagle so that we may experience the Abundant life...not just in eternity but in the here and now.  Trouble will still come.  Trials will still be a reality.  But how much more confident and resilient we can be knowing we have a means of escape?