Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Your Story

Last night I curled up on the game room floor with the twins and rented the second installment of the Chronicles of Narnia.  As a child I read the first book but never continued the series.  So it was a surprise to me to learn that though it had only been a year since the kids exited the Wardrobe it had been 1300 years of time that passed in Narnia.  Upon their return they were only "known of" because of the history books since no one from their last visit was still alive.

This got me to thinking about our own histories, our own stories.  It is my opinion that we are creatures of free will.  And its that very power that allows us in some ways to actually write our life story.  So as I entered into deep thought and began analyzing my story so far, I began to develop and impression of it.  Some parts I like and wouldn't ever want to change.  Other parts need revision. 

I will share three particular aspects of my life right now that especially came to light during this exercise.  My personal debt accrued this year, my rather out of shape and aging body, and the day to day operation of my staffing business.  In each category changes NEED to take place.  In each category when I ask myself if this is how I want the story to be going, the answer is NO.  Many times as Christians we only tend to worry about whether or not we are engaging in acts of obedience or sin.  The gray areas get ignored and forgotten. 

But in the recordings of eternal history if I were to take the book or your life off the shelves and have  read....what will I find?  Will I find a man/woman who really lived as though it mattered?  Look at your life right now and start editing it a bit.  Ask yourself if you want this to be your story...


Mike Messerli said...

I'm with you Jim, trying every day to live out the story I want told about me. Living intentionally is so seldom done, but so important.