Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Category

After I stopped laughing at the illustration above, I realized something.  Either they missed an entire category of people like myself or I am an anomaly.  I think the best representation of my stage in life right now using these three criteria is:

  • Have little energy
  • Have little money
  • Have little time

I was tempted to say NO energy, time, or money for the sake of a laugh but that would have been inaccurate and extreme.  Thankfully God provides just what I need, when I need it!  Sure it would be great to have excess measures of all three and perhaps one day some or all categories will swing that direction.  But I think we make the pursuit of excess and the prevention of lack too big an ordeal at times.  You might even say we make this an idol.  Dependence on God for our needs is what Scripture teaches.  Yet many of us, especially in Western Society, over-burden ourselves with this pursuit and leave God out of it.

Your thoughts?