Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Are You A Softy?

If you've read much of my blog or know me IRL then it's no surprise to you that I am a softy.  Last night I had my heart-strings pulled by both of my sons.  We put the baby in his crib without first rocking him to sleep and let him cry-it-out until his exhausted body fell asleep standing up in the corner, propped up by the rails that his arms were slumped over.  This was excruciating for me.  His terrified screams broke my heart as I knew that he didn't understand WHY we were not responding to him.  You could hear the rejection anguish and utter horror in those deep guttural wails.  Thankfully his memory is short at this age and I will ultimately be the only one permanently scarred by the exercise.

My six-year old son came downstairs unable to sleep.  Presumably because he was anxious and excited about returning to school and setting his new alarm clock for the first time.  The first visit he asked us to tuck him back in and pray for him to sleep and be protected.  The second time, in full panic, knowing he needed every minute of sleep possible he asked me to pat his back and sing to him.  This is something I haven't done for him in years and ironically on the night when the Baby didn't even get the same benefits.  Needless to say both children played my heart like harp and I was emotionally drained by the time I tucked in.

So where are you on the softy scale?  To test your abilities, I challenge you to watch the two videos below and then rank yourself in the poll section at the bottom!  Feel free to also leave a comment on how you did and what kinds of things hit your Achilles Heel.


sirlance65 said...

Jim, I try to keep a tough image,but when it comes to my babies I melt. The videos got me , what can I say, I am softy x's two. Thanks for good cry, just what heart and eyes needed.

Lance brunett

Jim said...

I think dads have the unique responsibility of being both tough and tender. Tough when it comes to protecting them, providing for them, and directing them. Tender when it comes to nuturing their gentle spirits with lots of love. I think men can go wrong when they let either category get extreme. Too tough and too tender can be a bad recipe. Thanks for the read and comments Lance!