Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Champion's Secret

Making a comeback!
It probably won't surprise most of you that I am a fan of Tim Tebow.  There are many reasons for that, including but not limited to his very public proclamation of Jesus Christ.  But for the purpose of this post I want to focus on another component of his personality that only fellow champions share.

The Never Say Die Attitude!

A person and even a team with this kind of creed has unlimited potential and will quite often take out more talented opponents.  I experienced this phenomenon myself in athletics growing up.  My childhood soccer team was composed of two hot shot players and fifteen very average to sub-par athletes.  Yet they were never say die, never give up types.  Each game was a battle to the finish. 

If the ref hadn't blown the whistle yet, we were after the ball. If we fell down, we got back up. If we missed the ball, we quickly recovered.  If we got scored on, we returned the favor.  We had no business winning as many games as we did and claiming first and second place trophy's each season.  But we did.  Tebow and other great athletes like him have this quality.  Tim, though an excellent quarterback in college was not a top NFL draft pick.  The hitch in his throwing style just will not work in a league where the talent pool is so deep. 

He is still working out the kinks.  Some of his wins this season were pretty ugly.  But he never gave up and he inspired the same athletes that had been playing under his predecessor to do the same.  The Broncos 1-4 record was soon turned into an AFC West Championship and a bid in the playoffs.