Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Hard Things

Ever wonder why people run from God?  Amongst the hosts of reasons for the believer and non-believer, one in particular sticks out for me.  Like Jonah, I have these limits (perceived or real) that I am afraid of God asking me to push past.  For you it maybe the fear of being called into mission work in Africa.  For another it may be God requiring a change of job or friends.  We want God to call us into our comfort zone, not to the hard things.

Read my blog for very long or know me in real life for any length of time and you know I have a dogmatic side that rarely sees shades of gray.  Therefore when people, especially Christians let me down...I struggle with how to properly react.  I probably should not expect more from a brother or sister in Christ but my human understanding of things cannot seem to help itself.  So when they let me down, there is a certain amount of betrayal and hurt that is more biting than normal.

But no sooner than I was able to vent my frustrations to my dad (the Elder I most often seek for Christian wisdom) was I reminded that I too am but a sinner who not only lets others down but God Himself.  I had already practically forgiven this particular guy an hour after the event which sparked the angry passions when I looked up to see him in my office lobby.  He knew that he'd hurt me and made a mistake.  He intentionally drove to see me and ask for my forgiveness in person.

There are few things more powerful than a grown man humbling himself before you, admitting his mistakes, and asking for you to extend grace.  Were it not for Jesus Christ who did the same thing for me, I doubt I would have the ability or desire.