Friday, January 13, 2012

HOV Rant

Violating rules and/or laws be they traffic or criminal comes with a wide spectrum of public outcry and penalty.  We cannot help as humans but to classify degrees of offense from minor to major.  A lie is much more tolerated than stealing someones car for instance.

But I've come to realize another factor (at least for me) that comes into play and incites quite a bit of vitriol.  I've discovered even in what most might believe as "minor" rule breaking that it makes my blood boil when said violations are blatant and proudly put on display.  When there is no shame in your game you've reached a whole new level of moral depravity in my opinion.

Perhaps that is one of the many reasons HOV violators drive me crazy.  Watch my video rant on the topic and let me know what you think:

**This was originally created on Jan 2nd but due to MAJOR computer problems was delayed until now for release.  I realize many of you have been "back to work" for a couple weeks now.


Melissa said...

It must be safer for them in the wide open lanes as they are appear to be near-sighted, color blind and lack depth perception. There is currently a lot of construction on our road and although most can read the signs and see the cones (as well as take cues from other drivers) these "special" people just feel as if their needs are more important than the rest of us. It takes a lot of deep breaths to get home with out a sore jaw or throat. That's ok, jokes on them....they just don't know that in the kingdom of heaven the last shall be first! (ok, not an exact application of the text, but still funny)