Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waste Of Yellow Paper

I realize not everyone has a computer with an Internet connection.  I realize that print media though in decline is still a cherished experience by some.  There are those that need to feel the pages of a good book or smell the newsprint as they scan the headlines of today's paper.  So I am not going to rant about how ALL Yellow Pages publications need to completely stop.  But give us the option, please!!!

For every person that answers their door and accepts a phone book, there will literally be hundreds of people that say, "No, save your book and give it to someone that isn't living in 2012."  And I might be wrong about this but something tells me even the most nostalgic of readers that like their hard copy in the physical are not lamenting the potential end of Yellow Pages Ads and phone listings.

When is the last time you actually wanted to call a restaurant or doctors office, that you went searching the house for the phone book?  I might consider it if my computer at work, at home, both cell phones, my Nook tablet with Internet access, and 411 services on my land line stop working.  But until then...


sonofdavid said...

Yellow pages is a dying industry that is struggling to stay relevant to the consumer. Even their Internet presence lacks something to be desired. I never use te yellow pages book or website.