Monday, January 23, 2012

Your Shape

What kind of shape are you in these days?  If you are anything like me, round is the best answer...especially in the middle.  But worse than the dough-boy stomach and chubby cheeks is the physical limitations of being out of shape. 

This weekend I painted our master bedroom.  Up and down the stairs for supplies, up and down a ladder to reach high spots, bending, squatting, and contorting to reach each nook and cranny, combined with the cardio from some vigorous paint rolling and my keester has been officially kicked!  I hate to admit this but I probably got more exercise in the last two days than I have in the last two months (or more).

If you ever told the twenty something me that I would one day wake up after two days of painting and feel just as painfully sore as I had when running long distance, I would have laughed hysterically or perhaps cried for my future self.

Here are some other ways to determine IF you are out of shape:

  • You get winded climbing one flight of stairs
  • You have to suck in to tie your shoes
  • You think its your pants that are shrinking
  • You look down and see a nice table for setting snacks and drinks
  • You get a cramp after sneezing
  • You pull a muscle playing the Wii
  • You roll out of bed and feel like its already nap time
  • Typing makes you sweat
  • You count brushing your teeth as an upper body workout
  • Your workout videos have several dust layers
  • Your workout equipment is just another place to hang clothes
Your turn!  What can you add to this list?  Put your best ideas in the comment section.