Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day At The E.R.

Some of you already know my son Michael was hospitalized for the better part of Saturday.  It would take a weeks worth of blog posts to tell you the entire story of how we got there, what happened while there, and ultimately what led doctors to conclude he could go home.  But I will spare you the LONG version and the multiple posts and tell you that he was quite ill.  Our first visit to his Pediatrician that morning had him diagnosed with RSV which is especially complicated for him since he is so prone to Bronchitis.  Michael is no stranger to the nubulizer.

I was fairly content with the diagnosis except he had been complaining of stomach pain and had already thrown up twice before this visit.  I asked the doctor what she made of that and she chalked it up to a weak gag reflex and lots of drainage in his tummy.  Two hours later my son was doubled over in pain, pointing to his lower right side, unable to straighten his torso or sit up on his own power.  Having had a roommate that several years earlier needed emergency surgery on his appendix I got worried and  called his doctor back. 

She was alarmed enough at this new development to send us to the ER.  I was not alone in my worries as every single symptom you would normally find in these cases was present and medical staff began encouraging me to take him to Medical City in Dallas.  They offered to test him with a sonogram, CT Scan, and X-rays but to be prepared to ride in an ambulance across town if they got confirmation of their worst fears.

Eight hours later...

We were discharged and told to follow up with his Pediatrician unable to tell us exactly what happened.  In some ways it was an answer to ALL our prayers.  In other ways it was frustrating to not really understand what happened.  Having the choice between what could have been and what became reality though...I will gladly take the pill that we were given.

Thanks to all who prayed and voiced compassionate concern!


Mr. T said...

Wow - God bless you guys - the unknown can be scary - I am glad Michael is ok!