Monday, February 27, 2012

Do We Remember?

Finally! We are healthy again. After a week and a half of misery, we are out of the woods. Each of us caught this horrific illness at different times and responded to it in different ways but it was BAD at both the individual and group level. We were out of our routines, we were cranky and overly sensitive, we were sleep deprived, we were miserable lumps.

After countless tissues, visits to medical professionals, gallons of medicine, and lots of prayer we are officially on the mend. All that remains is a few hoarse voices and residual sniffling. We are fever free, mostly cough free, and our energy and appetites have returned. Perhaps I was guilty of the typical guy (over)reaction to this but I prayed quite often for healing and restoration. I knew it wasn't going to put any of us on a death bed but it really rocked our worlds in ways that I was not expecting. And there is nothing worse a parent can feel than helplessness when children are ill and there is nothing you can do.

I caught myself yesterday though. I was celebrating the victory and forgetting who deserved the glory. Granted the healing didn't happen on my timeline (which was immediate) but it did happen. And if I am going to spend that much time in prayer begging God to help us through all this, how thankless would I have to be when the requests are finally granted to fail in giving proper credit? I hate to say it, but that can be a typical response. We beg ourselves through life’s troubles and once we emerge on the other side we forget to say..."Hey God! Thanks for getting me through. What a crazy ride that was!"

I need to get better at this. I suspect you may need to as well!