Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The End Is Near 2.0

This is a relatively new series to my blog that you will hopefully enjoy.  The idea is to share five links to various sites that show evidence that we are living in the End Times.  You will quickly see that for every link that may lead you to a serious article or new coverage that looks to be straight out of Revelation, there will be several more that are just tongue-in-cheek and meant to be funny.

 I am not a date setter. Scripture says we will know the "season" of the end but not the time or day. And since a day is to God as a 1000 years is to us...there is really no telling how long a season might be. Here are just a few reasons I think we are in the season of The End...

1.  The Machines are rising!  But until they take over, they are babysitting our pets.

2.  Political Correctness is out of control. Watch as the City Council in Chicago brings a boy to tears.

3.  This very attractive young lady is dating this socially awkward, flash-in-the-pan Meme.

4.  Blood appears in a River in Beirut.  Yes this is scary one of the bunch!

5.  Flying Beasts are "Now Available" for the discerning collector/dinopilot.

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