Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Girls Are Tougher

My entire family is ill right now.  All five of us have endured one of the worst colds complete with high fevers and gut wrenching coughs.  We are sore, we are achy, we are beaten down, we need rest, and restoration of our health. 

Being a blogger and always observing life as it unfolds, I've seen a definite difference in how the boys (myself included) verses the girls have handled this latest bout.  All of us have been knocked on our proverbial behinds, so none are unscathed and without scar tissue.  But I have to give credit to Mackenzie and Rachael for being much tougher than me or Michael.

Men can protect, we can fight, we can be both physically and emotionally tougher than most females.  But throw an illness in the mix and we become the three year olds buried deep within just wanting someone to take care of us.  I am sure there is some kind of connection to a woman's ability to be tough whilst sick and her ability to bring children into this world but who knows?

Here is to you ladies out there!  We salute you for being tougher than us with illness AND for taking care of us wimps in the meantime!