Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Jim Vader-Skywalker

Being the Star Wars fan (cough NERD cough) that I am, finding out that Rachael was carrying twins in her first pregnancy was quite fun for me.  That is once the horror and shock of losing my life's freedom wore off.  Like Anakin Skywalker who you may know better as Darth Vader, I wanted to name the twins Luke and Leia.  If you think I am joking feel free to ask my wife.  Whether or not I would have gone through with it had she been agreeable is another question but one I never had to answer since she completely vetoed the idea.

Over the years I still get a kick out of some of the similarities to the Anakin character that I have and the photo above just made me revisit them and desire to share here.

Jim and Anakin both:

  • Fathered fraternal, opposite sex, twins
  • Married really hot women
  • Were once fallen, lost souls, that were redeemed by a Savior
  • Are very powerful (but that's rather obvious)!
  • Have challenges when it comes to parenting (see supporting photo)
  • Are heavy mouth breathers (especially at night when asleep)
  • In charge of large armies.  In Vader's case Storm Troopers and in Jim's case Temps but relatively the same thing.
  • (On a related note) Get easily frustrated with incompetence.
  • Were childhood superstars only to get old and slow in adulthood
  • Search their feelings and know it to be true
  • Wield a light-saber like nobodies business
  • Want to save their children from the Emperor/Obama but will probably get burnt in the process.
May the Force be with YOU!