Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mars & Venus

Thanks to the popular book and our common sense its no surprise to us that men and women are so different from one another.  So much so that it seems appropriate to say we are from different planets.  That fact is often illustrated in my marriage and examples abound over the last ten years.  Additionally Rachael tends to be my opposite in personality and in her strengths.  We compliment one another quite well but it does and can make for some interesting and sometimes difficult moments as we make decisions and come to compromises.  The end result is usually a well balanced, healthy choice for the family.  Its just a matter of putting in the necessary work and using our opposite views to get there.

Case in point is our current desire for solar screens.  We contacted a local company, did some research, and had them measure our windows for a bid.  Twenty questions later and after negotiating a fair price the work will begin this Friday, much to my wife's elation.  Here are my reasons for purchasing these screens and consequently why I stamped my approval on the project:

  • 90% Solar Blockage
  • Blocks UV radiation to protect carpets, floors, and furniture
  • Keeps the home cooler and less strain on AC unit
  • Lowers utility costs of cooling the home
  • Rebates of 20-30% are available from utility company
  • Additional privacy
  • Easily removable for cleaning
  • Allows for exterior ventilation into the home
My wife's reason for the purchase and suggesting it in the first place?
  • They're pretty!
Most times she is the practical one!  I have to highlight those rare moments when the roles reverse.