Thursday, February 02, 2012

Not So Advanced

Technology advances and gets better.  Knowledge grows as methods of sharing it multiply. What used to take me hours of research in the library now takes modern students a few minutes behind the proverbial wheel of Google's homepage.  These tools certainly make the modern man look smart, look advanced, and look much more accomplished than his ancestors.  But how far have we really come?

The photo above helps me illustrate my point.  Here you have two ladies in an office that are suffering through a computer malfunction.  They've had to resort to doing their daily tasks manually...which in this case is playing Solitaire.  It is actually much easier to get away with playing games on the computer than to have cards spread out all over your desk.  So in some ways I wonder if technology hasn't helped us to be lazier and less productive...less advanced?

I realize we have made decent strides in certain areas of culture.  Progress is certainly measurable and obvious.  But one good natural disaster could knock out the power grid and the true test of our advanced skills would begin.  As much as we could impress our ancestors by showing them a computer or a vehicle, we are dependant on the sources of power that make them work.  Those very resources are being depleted.  What then?