Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The RepubliCrats

Warning:  This post is filled with opinion fueled by passionate vitriol. Read at your own risk!

How in the world is Mitt Romney leading any polls in any State right now?  I've posted before about how broken our two party system is and I stand by that.  But I will go so far in this rant as to say there is NO two party system.  We have politicians that use different platforms with very different stances on issues to get elected.  Once elected they break half their campaign promises or cannot get their promises through legislation.  The rest of the time they spend serving those that helped them get elected and guess what?  That isn't YOU or ME...its the persons and corporations that funded them!

Please stop voting for the RepubliCrats people!  Perfect illustration of my point is Bush and Obama.  One is a supposedly staunch conservative and Christian and the other is supposedly a bleeding heart Liberal with ties to Christianity but most likely a Muslim.  Both passed legislation that none of us wanted, both sent our troops or continued to perpetuate war in the Middle East, both have increased the Nations debt, and both helped to bail out the people and companies that caused our economic crisis to begin with.  The list goes on and on but hopefully you get my point.  If Obama is all about Change as he promised in his campaign then why are we seeing so many similarities?

Fast forward to Mitt Romney.  Puhlease!  Does anyone think (a) he is any different from the same ole government politician that will usher in the kinds of changes this country needs to see in order to thrive again and (b) does anyone seriously think he will beat Obama even though his popularity is in severe decline?  I am no prophet but I can guarantee you something.  If Romney wins the nomination and somehow actually beats Obama...he will be NO different.  He will be another RepubliCrat that at best may take credit for an upswing that he did nothing to create or at worst continue to drive us into the dust of history.

The ONLY man running for office right now that is talking a different game is Ron Paul.  He may be lying through his teeth and he may be another RepubliCrat when all is said and done...BUT...he's a very good actor if that is the case.  The fact is his campaign isn't a bunch of new and fresh ideas like most think.  Its actually just a return to our roots and Constitutional heritage.  It has taken 235 years for us to lose focus and mess things up this bad.  I would rather it not take 235 more to realize that our Framers and Forefathers had it right and start running things again, as they would and as they taught.

Rant over!

Check out some of these videos on Ron Paul and see what you think: 


tonymation said...

I've been supporting Ron Paul since 2008. He's the only guy that has voted according to his rhetoric. He is the only guy that wants to give us our personal liberties BACK. He is the only one that has complained about overspending and overtaxing and overstretching our military for decades.

He is the only candidate that predicted the housing bubble and proposed legislation that would have prevented it.