Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 Years

I gave up looking for my soul mate in January of 2000.  My second long term relationship had just ended and the one person I was interested in, had made it clear that she was not.  I found myself single and without prospects.  I made a deal with God.  I would stop searching and choosing for myself  if He would lead me to the right person.

I had already proven that my ability to handle the responsibility on my own was lacking.  Part of this prayer and deal of course included the possibility of remaining single for a while if He so chose.  I completely submitted to God's will and waited.  As scary as it can be to let go like that, I must admit a huge burden was lifted and an unexpected peace settled in.  Just as I suspected He didn't have an immediate match for me.  I had to wait.

But when she finally appeared at the restaurant I was managing, it was one of the best days of my life.  Rachael was (and still is) beautiful inside and out.  Her talents and gifts balance out my weaknesses as my talents and gifts balance out hers.  The craziest thing of all (as I spent the first several dates getting to know her) was to find out how long she had been under my nose.

Her family had moved to the area in 1992, just one mile from my family's home in Double Oak.  She had worked at the same Tom Thumb as me, getting hired just as I had quit.  She had been to my church with a friend of hers and attended my youth group a time or two.  She had walked the same high school halls during her Junior year which was my Senior year.  We both attended UNT at the same time and discovered that we shared at least six mutual friends.

Sometimes I wish that I had asked God to get involved with my love life much sooner.  Perhaps I could have met her earlier?  Happy Ten Year Anniversary to my amazing wife!

I made the following video last year for my wife's birthday...but it seems fitting for this post as well.  Enjoy!


Rob said...

Happy Anniversary!