Thursday, March 08, 2012

Chi Troubles

I am picking on my wife a bit in this post. But to be fair she is not the only person that causes us to have the "foreshadowed" troubles that the title implies. Nor is her Chi, the only reason that we may have to inconvenience ourselves with adding time to our commutes. However, I decided to go this route for two basic reasons, neither of which will probably be good enough to keep me out of trouble for telling this story:

1. I saw another YouTuber make mention that this exact kind of thing happens with he and his wife.

2. Of all the things that cause this kind of issue for us, the Chi experience is by far the number one most common occurrence.

So at the risk of getting in trouble for your personal entertainment, I give you today's VLOG as shared on my YouTube Channel. Enjoy and pray for me!


Anonymous said...

Time to upgrade to the GHD! It's better and has an automatic turn off feature! It could benefit you BOTH so it's well worth the money ;-). We might have been in your shoes a couple dozen times

Jen McDaniel