Thursday, March 15, 2012

Consequences Of The Fall

Ever wonder what conditions were like previous to The Fall of man?  If you're like me, then besides being an amazing person you've pondered such things and concluded that a type of Utopia must have existed.  All the things you think "ought" to be, were.  But I wonder if that is really true?  I mean, either the list of punishments that God handed down was not nearly as extensive and detailed as it needed to be or this perceived Utopia is different from what I imagine.

According to Scripture the woman would endure pain in childbirth, the man would have to work the ground very hard in order for it to yield fruit, and they both would have to experience death at some point.  Really?  Is that the only difference between Pre-Fall conditions and Post-Fall?  Perhaps when Moses penned the first five books of the OT, he decided to take the detailed, oral tradition and offer a condensed version.

Here is a brief list of things I can think of that are at least less-than-ideal if not items that should have made the punishment list:

  • Lack of sleep.  Forget that I have four people in my family that make it their goal in life to prevent daddy from taking a nap.  I have never once in my married life woken up and met the day feeling refreshed and ready to sing about rainbows.  Instead I feel like throwing rocks at the chirping birds out my window.  One might argue that any amount of sleep would still render me a grumpy morning person but I would sure like to test the theory!
  • Bodily functions.  We tend to have a tidy alternative label for the main functions AKA "number one and two" but what about all the others?  We have gas coming out of both ends, we vomit when ill, we leak mucus from our noses, and that is usually accompanied by a phlegm-filled cough.  Let's face it, if it comes out of our bodies, its probably gross. 
  • Stubbing toes. For some reason men are normally the victims of this act.  Perhaps its because we are spared the pain of childbirth which I grant you is the MOST pain a human being can endure and still live.  However, a stubbed pinkie toe HAS TO BE a close second.  I am quite certain I've broken both pinkie toes on more than one occasion.  And why is it we always do this when its inappropriate to scream like a school girl?  It's always in the middle of the night or during the baby's nap time.  You end up clenching your teeth, turning red, and rolling around on the floor like you are having seizures.
  • PMS. No elaboration necessary.
  • Traffic.  I now understand why God flooded the Earth at one point.  He was sick of sitting on I35 in a veritable parking lot trying to go twenty miles to work and it taking the better part of two hours.
There is plenty more where those came from and it may spur a second post down the road.  But how about you?  What can you add to the list?