Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Falling Or Rising Star?

Confession:  I must admit at the front of this opinionated article that my perspective is indeed affected by who Tebow is for the Christian community.  However, I believe I have valid enough argument apart from his "off the field" behavior to support my point.  But you be the judge.

My point?  Denver made a huge mistake in letting him go.

Notice I didn't say they made a huge mistake in recruiting Peyton Manning.  In theory, they could have kept Tebow, let him learn from one of the greats and groom him for a day in the not-so-distant future to take back the reigns.  I'm sure they have their reasons for not going that route. 

What I will not argue in my support of Tim is that Peyton is somehow lesser than.  Manning is perhaps one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time.  However, what Denver has essentially done in my opinion is take a man that has seen his best days and put all their hopes in the prospect that he has a few more.  The same thing was done with Joe Montana and Brett Favre.  And both men did inject quite a bit of excitement into the franchises they went to.  Both men had some successes with those teams as well.  But neither man duplicated his glory years and neither man lasted for very long before finally fizzling out. 

Tim Tebow is on the rise.  In addition to being a collegiate super star he took his first season in the NFL and turned a 1 & 4 losing team into a playoff team.  His thanks from Denver was a pink slip.  The argument is that Tim has all the intangibles like leadership ability and charisma but that his mechanics are bad and his play is ugly.  I buy that to a degree but look at two things to help me get comfortable with the gamble.

1.  His previous football records in both college and last season.  When evaluating an athletes future it only makes sense to look at his previously established patterns of success or lack thereof.  This man has been a champion all of his life and doesn't know how to perform otherwise.

2. His work ethic.  Even before Tim realized that his style and mechanics were a problem in the NFL, he was a work horse.  Since learning of his issues, he's spent an enormous amount of time every single day working out the kinks.  This is a man that WILL find a way to become a power house again!

Both men present a risk to Denver. They chose a man that has a very limited amount of years or seasons left in him.  They chose the falling star.  I for one have my confidence resting in the rising star.  And I hope to say a big "I told you so" to all those supporting this decision in the very near future!

What do you think?


Neil said...

I think Denver will regret this. Manning is one sack away from ending his career. Tebow will get better. But they had to get rid of Tebow to get away from the distractions.

Should we be surprised that a faithful witness and bold proclaimer of the Gospel ended up in the media capital of the world? I just hope Tebow doesn't go soft with his doctrine over time, as so many others tend to do.

Jim said...

I am often accused of being an optimist to a fault but I don't see Tebow going soft on doctrine. He may not use every open mic opportunity to preach a sermon but I think his roots run deep.

rob said...

No reason to dump Tebow, unless they gave him the option and he asked to be traded (a possibility).

It is relevant to the discussion that Tebow, believe it or not, has had a BETTER start to his career (stat-wise) than a former Denver QB you may have heard of: John Elway.