Thursday, March 29, 2012

Holy Traffic Stops!

In effort to be fair and balanced here at LOL, its high time the negative posts of school system policy mayhem take a back seat to do-gooder, real life, super heroes like, Lenny Robinson.  You have probably seen a photo or video recently of The Caped Crusader driving a Lamborghini on Route 29 through Silver Spring this week.  It was quite humorous and eye catching to see even before being pulled over by police.  But something all the more viral occurred when passers-by saw Batman who most often is ingratiated in our psyche as "a good guy" being questioned and possibly in trouble.

Well thankfully that isn't the case at all.  Robinson was initially pulled over because his tags were not visible.  This, of course, was done so that the Batman logo could be put where the license plate normally sits.  Thankfully Lenny had his actual tags in the car to satisfy officers of his legal right to be driving.  Upon further questioning they soon found out this was not a publicity stunt or some prideful attempt to be the next Internet meme.  Instead it was a charitable gesture stopped in progress as the super hero was en route to a local hospital to visit the cancer ward at Children's National Medical Center in Northwest Washington.

Finally released and upon arrival at the hospital, Lenny B. Robinson was asked by the front desk attendant for his name.  When just "Batman" didn't suffice, he reluctantly said "Lenny. B as in Batman. Robinson."  The attendant was just doing her job but like the officers who had already slowed him down once, seemed to be missing the point.  Robinson is doing this for the kids.  After much success in business he sold his company and uses the wealth acquired to brighten the day of children that desperately need the uplifting distraction.  Robinson spends hours roaming the halls, paying a visit to each child, handing out autographed books and Batman toys.

I, for one, salute him as a REAL Hero!

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