Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Soccer Star Is Born!

Last night was our first soccer practice for the 2012 season.  I am coaching again this year but this time have both Michael and Mackenzie signed up.  In years past she had elected to be in Dance and we have a rule in our house that we can only be involved in one extra curricular (club, sport, troop) at a time.  I was prepared to coach two teams so that Mackenzie could experience having her dad as a coach like Michael has the last two years.

But in a surprise turn of events the league decided to combine boys and girls and make all of Kindergarten a Coed league.  While it concerned me a bit for Mackenzie's sake having to play her first season against some rough and tumble boys, I was relatively happy about the development because it meant both kids on my team with one practice per week and one game per week.

I ran the kids through some drills and "get-to-know-ya" games so that we could all learn one anther's names.  Then I had a mid practice huddle with the parents to go over some necessary details and give the players a chance to grab some water and a breather.  As we returned to the field we decided to scrimmage another team that was practicing.  At first kick off my daughter charged into the scrum with NO fear, kicked the ball loose, had a break away run toward the goal, and fired a shot straight into the net!

Ladies and Gentlemen...we have a soccer star!  I don't know if this will be a permanent trade of ballet slippers for soccer cleats but I am very excited and looking forward to seeing how things develop.