Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Super Mom

In the fantastic world of a child's imagination we, the parents, are often viewed as heroes.  I know that is the case with my eldest two and its not a title I take lightly.  In just a few years I will be demoted from Super Dad to "that big dork that always embarrasses me".  So I need to cherish these fleeting years while I can.

If you are like most parents I've encountered you are willing to give life and limb for your children.  Our entire job in bringing them up revolves around sacrifice, guidance, and protection.  But rarely are we required to give our actual lives or limbs to the cause like Stephanie Decker did just last Friday.  Her hometown of Marysville, Indiana sustained a massive tornado outbreak with 175 MPH winds. 

In the case of this Super Mom, she huddled the kids downstairs in the basement keeping in touch with her out of town husband as the tornadoes approached.  She quickly realized as debris began flying and windows rattling that even the basement was not the safe haven she'd hoped.  Decker grabbed a blanket, covered her two children and then laid on top of them as the first brick shot across the room and hit her square in the back.  This projectile would have pegged the daughter in the head has she not been so quick to take action.

As the storm passed by, there was literally NO house left.  Neighbors had to dig all three of them out of the rubble to find that Stephanie had lost one foot and half of the other leg from the knee down as she took the brunt of the debris field battering.  The kids?  Not a scratch on them!

Mrs. Decker...I salute you!