Thursday, April 05, 2012


Ever have one of those moments when stupidity just flies out of your mouth?  One of the most common times for me is when I am asked:

"What's up?"

And I say, "Good." as though I was asked "how I was" rather than what was going on.

Those moments are humiliating but somewhat understandable even to the confused inquirer as they process your answer.  But a few weeks back as I was exiting a Chik-fil-a location I took this brain-failure issue to a whole new level.

As I was leaving a lady was about to enter.  And although I made it to the door first, and propped it open with my own foot (since my hands were full of delicious treats) I decided in my infinite wisdom to say, "Thank You."

Yes folks, I thanked a lady for letting me open the door and hold it for HER!  My brain needs a rest and an overhaul before someone commits me to the funny farm!

What similar faux pas have you committed lately?


Summmer said...

When the person tearing your ticket at movies says, "Enjoy the show," and I say, "Thank you, you too."

or at the gym, "Enjoy your work out," as I scan my card and I say, "You too." THen I remember they'll be scanning cards for the next 12 hours and never get to leave the desk.